Why women need stress management more than men

April 2, 2017| Zi En Wong
Why women need stress management more than men


Are  you a woman who’s exhuasted from juggling work, family, and children? Or are you a woman who dreams of becoming an entrepreneur, but holding back because you are unable to deal with the stress?


According to a study by Cambridge University, women are 1.9x as likely to suffer from anxiety and stress than men, a trend that persists throughout their lifetimes. Besides modern women having to take on more roles, research  suggests that women tend to ruminate more than men about stressors that causes anxiety.


Living with high levels of stress wreaks havoc on your emotional equilibrium, mental clarity, and physical health. It narrows your ability to think clearly, have good relationships, function effectively, and enjoy life.


But stress is inevitable and an integral part of our daily lives. That’s why being able to manage stress well in our everyday lives is so important. If we are unable to do so, it affects everything else we do.


Effective stress management is not just about physical fitness. Have you seen people who work out a lot but are constantly stressed and tired? Good stress management is also about being able to let go of negative thoughts and having the mental resilience to meet challenges head on. 


There are many tips on the Internet on how to manage stress, and there is no one size fits all method. However to expand your overall capacity to manage stress on a daily and long term basis, there are 3 essential things you need to incorporate:


1) Eat Healthy


Turning to high fat and high sugar comfort foods such as pizza and ice cream when we are stressed is a bad idea. Comfort foods trick us into thinking that we feel better, but they actually make us feel more lethargic. What we really need is low-fat, high fiber food rich in complex carbohydrate. Nutrient dense food gives us more energy and helps us recover from the adverse effects of stress.


2) Balanced workout


Exercise releases endorphins and is a great way to relieve stress, but overdoing it can actually trigger a stress response in our body. Ensure that your training schedule includes cardio, strength, stretching and rest days, and you'll have an excellent and balanced program for stress reduction.


3) Quiet time for yourself


Relaxation is more than sitting in front of your laptop watching Netflix. True relaxation is about calming your mind and letting go of all tension. Go for a yin yoga class, do a meditation session on Headspace, or have a nice long soak in a tub. Dedicate time everyday to do something that helps you unwind and relax.


That’s why the Hasiko 20/20/20 flow morning session incorporates all 3 elements. It’s 20 minutes strength, 20 minutes stretch, and 20 minutes of guided meditation followed by a healthy breakfast.


We are also running a one-week holistic stress management retreat, The Ultimate Escape in Koh Samui from 17-24 June 2017. A key component of the retreat is a stress management program specially designed and run by an executive coach from London who has worked with C-Suite executives worldwide.


We believe in taking care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally, because that’s the only conduit of life you have. The ultimate goal is to be able to enjoy the life you have, and that begins with a well balanced you.