Why starting your day well might just change your life

February 10, 2017| Rosie Markwick
Why starting your day well might just change your life

At Hasiko we really do believe in the power of starting your day well which is why our signature 20:20:20 workout has been designed for your mind and body first thing in the morning.


You may have heard and read a whole load of hits and tips and blogs just like this one about how best to start your day. What it is you should be doing in those first sleepy moments of the morning usually reserved for a rushed breakfast, a social media or email binge or a back and forth relationship with your snooze button.


But WHY is it really so important. Why does that hot water and lemon first thing make a difference, why does a positive morning routine help as much as it has the potential to?


It can all be explained with the notion of ‘like attracts like’.


We have all been there; we arrive to a meeting late for a reason out of our control and next as if by a horrible magic the meeting doesn’t go the way we hope. Following which we spill a coffee at our desk and then miss the train in a bid to get to yoga to relax. Yes even the relaxing part becomes stressful. Why is it that bad days are often cumulative? And on the flip side, why is it that good things often come in threes, or even fours or fives?


It is because what we put out into the world we get back.


In psychological terms this is positive reinforcement in action and realizing it is our state that controls our experience and not visa versa is one of the most powerful learnings we as humans can make.


This notion is widely accepted in the positive psychology world and if we begin to understand the validity of this truth in our own lives we can begin to see the opportunity this phenomenon presents us with, particularly when it comes to our morning routine. Research suggests that first impressions count in regards to how we experience our day and that most of the groundwork is done within those first few hours. In short, the tone and feeling of the early part of our day will mostly go on to determine the rest of your day.


What does this mean in practice?


Well, if you want a more focused day, try 20 minutes of mediation when you first wake up.


Need a peaceful day? Sit quietly reading an inspiring book.  


Need energy? Get your body moving first thing with a swim, run or some dynamic yoga.


Want to fill your day with good connections, try a simple gratitude journal in those first few moments to remind yourself of all the goodness already present in your life.


Want all of that – DO all of that!


10 minutes may be all it takes. Start small, perhaps one day a week for 15 minutes and notice how you feel about your day. Then make it two days a week and slowly build from there. The most important thing is noticing how you feel. Whatever you do, do not sleep next to your phone, do not even look at it for the first 90 minutes of your day, buy and old fashioned alarm clock to wake you up and charge your phone in the living room.


You really do have the power to create your day. And then what happens when you begin to create one day, and then the next, and the next...You begin to create your whole life. 


Why starting your day well might just change your life