November 27, 2018| Davina Ho


We literally have everything we could ever wish for but when it comes to Christmas we kind of go a bit overboard indulging our loved ones with things that they don't really need.


So why don’t we still indulge them but with a conscious Christmas gift this year, not only are these gifts great for the environment, they're also affordable and most of these are available digitally making it a stress free Christmas for you! 


  1. For the Greenfingers

annie-spratt-78044-unsplashPlants make the best gifts because you are giving something that’s alive to someone that will sit in your loved one’s home, hopefully for a very long time. Avoid cut flowers which die quickly and the industry is inherently wasteful with resources such as water and transport, not to mention chemical and pesticide pollution. Some great plants to give that are relatively low maintenance are peace lilies which detoxify the air, aloe vera which can he used on skin burns and cuts and also succulents and cactus. You get very creative making your own terrariums with unused glass dishes or bowls in the house.



  1. For the Foodie

jill-heyer-189419-unsplashIf you’re good in the kitchen, making your own sauces, preserves or infused syrup jars from leftover fruits in the garden or from the local market can be easy, cost effective and environmentally friendly. You can also bake cookies, a cake or make your own chocolate truffles. There are countless ideas out there, but if you’re not great at cooking then heading to your local farmer’s market and picking up some ready-made jars of edible delicacies is also a great idea and a gift


Heres’ a link to a whole host of edible Christmas treats you can make for your friends and family.



  1. For the Person who has Everything


A very easy but thoughtful give is a donation to a charity or cause that your loved one supports. Zero waste and it’s been scientifically proven that helping others increases your own happiness.  



4.  For The Meditator


Since we’re talking about conscious gifting, meditation is the best tool to increase our awareness not only of ourselves but also other people and the planet. There are so many different apps out there and perhaps your loved one has a preference. If not then we recommend CALM or Simple Habit.


CALM Yearly US$59.99 


Simple Habit Lifetime Access US$299.99 or Yearly US$95.88 



  1. For the New Age Hippy


If your loved one is interested in healing, spirituality or alternative therapies then a one on one with their favourite practitioner might be the perfect gift! Unsure what this might be then perhaps ask them directly. One our favourite healing modalities at HASIKO is reiki which originated from Japan and is an energy healing method using the palms. You should be able to find a reiki healer within your city easily. 



 6. For the New Year Health Junkie


Project + Nourish by HASIKO is the perfect Christmas gift with New Year just around the corner. Project HASIKO is a 28 day movement, meditation and nutrition program that will leave your loved one feeling healthy, strong and deeply relaxed for the month of January.  If they sign up to start on the 1st January they’ll be given access to 4 weekly live meditations with our Co-Founder, Davina on New Beginnings, Presence, Gratitude and Deep Rest in January and a tribe of people to help support them!


The Gift of Health, Wellbeing and Presence is invaluable!



  1. For the Reader


 Giving one your favourite books is such a great gift because we all love being absorbed in a great book and now your reading on your next long haul flight is sorted! Get the book for their Kindle or let them choose their own with a gift voucher. One of my favourite books to give in the personal development space is The Monk who Sold his Ferrari by Robin SharmaA few more of my favourites:


Belonging by Toko-pa Turner


Becoming Supernatural: How Common People are Doing the Uncommon by Joe Dispenza



  1. For the Conscious TV watcher


 We are the sum of the people we surround ourselves with, what we read and what we watch. With mainstream news full of questionable facts, doom and gloom, we can make a conscious choice in choosing what we watch.


There are alternatives out there: FMTV is full of interesting documentaries on health and wellbeing while GAIA focuses on raising the consciousness of humanity.



FMTV US$99 for the year 

GAIA  US$99 for the year 



  1. For the Jet Setter


We all love to travel, but with more and more tourists exploring the world, there are downsides when it comes to water usage, rubbish and deforestation. However, there are a quite a few eco-resorts that aim to have minimal impact on the environment and support the local community through giving locals training and education in hospitality and a livelihood outside of other potentially environmentally destructive industries such as palm oil, mining, fishing and heavy industries.


Sustainable Tourism Ideas in Asia.



  1. For the Lifelong Learner


In the digital age, there are now tons of courses that are available at the tips of our fingers. Whatever your loved one is interested, whether its learning a new language, creating visually stunning cakes, gardening, wine or spiritual wellbeing, there will be an online course perfect for them! A great way for them to start 2019!



  1. For the Fitness Freak


How about a personal training session to improve their form, technique and set them up for a new year of training without injuries? Health is a gift for life!



  1. For the Memories  


 As Master Oogway tells Kung Fu Panda “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift... that's why they call it present.” Our presence without distraction or judgements can be the greatest gift we give to someone. After all that gadget will be obsolete in 18 months but memories last a lifetime. So create some wonderful experiences for free at home with your loved ones, and take lots of pictures to remind you of the special moments you have together.