Setting Yourself Up for An Exceptional 2019 With Intentions Not Goals

December 30, 2018| Davina Ho




Do you struggle setting New Year's resolutions? Or set them and fail to achieve them? A kinder and more impactful thing to do is to set a year full of intentions in each area of your life rather than goals. Setting goals and deadlines then striving to achieve them can perpetuate the cycle of do do do and when we don't achieve our goals we become disappointed with ourselves.


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Set Intentions That Align To What Matters To You


This year we invite you to set intentions for each area of your life and how you want to feel. Feelings and emotions align us to make better choices in our daily life than setting goals. For example, instead of setting a goal to visit the gym 3 times a week, you can set the intention, 'My body feels strong, healthy and pain-free.' Over time you will notice that your intention guides your actions more powerfully than setting goals. Setting an intention is like planting a seed. Intentions are the fuel to manifesting your goals and visions. An intention will help create more clarity in your life, especially when the seed is planted right before you start your meditation.


2019 Intentions Map


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Live Less Out Of Habit And More With Intent


Intention setting is important as it gives us an opportunity to set a new belief for ourselves. Usually our beliefs about ourselves are unconscious given to us by our parents, society and past conditioning, whereas setting an intention for ourselves gives us the opportunity to set the direction of our own actions and life. These beliefs can be very powerful and it isn’t until we inquire into where they came from that we start to see some untruth in them. For example, if your parents told you that you had to 'work hard' to get ahead then you probably believe that 'you must work hard to get anywhere' or 'that life is hard' which is not a great starting point to live an easy life!


Setting intentions just before you begin your meditation practice is a powerful way to set new beliefs. Your intention can change from meditation to meditation or it can be the same one; most people when they first start working with intentions notice it changes from session to session. Over time, however, you might be able to find an intention that is recurring or the ones that you have been setting have a consistent underlying meaning such as love, acceptance or peace etc.  Your intentions are your guiding system. 


Over time you will notice that your intention guides your actions off the mat. If you eventually end up with an intention that is ‘I love myself’ – you’ll notice that you will only have beliefs about yourself and take actions that come from a place of self-love. For example, you may notice yourself doing more self-care or you may notice yourself easily saying no to things that are not in your best self-interest that you used to say yes to.


Make sure to the follow steps below to ensure your intentions make for an exceptional year in 2019!


Qualities of Your Intention:


It Should Be in the Present Moment:

You want your intention to be stated in the present tense as if it’s happening now and always. There’s no start or end date it just is with you all the time.


It Resonates with You:

You have a inner knowing and feeling that permeates your entire body, mind, gut and cells as something that resonates truly and deeply with your core being.


It is Positive:

It does not need to contain positive words but the meaning should be positive. For example, if you’re grieving someone you can still use a positive intention which could be ‘I accept grief as part of my journey in life.’ It’s best if it does not contain the word ‘not’ such as ‘I do not get angry,’ it would be better to set, ‘I remain calm and collected.’


It is Short:

It should be something that is easy to recall again and again.


Examples of Setting Intentions:



How to set it as an intention…

Losing weight

I eat food that is healthy, nourishing and supporting my goals for my body

I have a good relationship with my body and food. 

Exercising more

I love my body when it feels healthy.


I allow things just to be as they are.

Not enough

I am enough. I have enough. 

There is enough abundance in the world to support me.


I support and care for myself.

I do what I can.

I am in control of my own life and make choices wisely.

Feeling sad

I choose my own happiness.

Difficult relationships

I choose to be open and accepting.

I have the power to leave relationships that do not serve me. 


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