How to be a morning person - 5 top tips!

February 19, 2017| Rosie Markwick
How to be a morning person - 5 top tips!


Here are Hasiko’s first five top tips for starting your day well. If you are at the start of your positive morning journey perhaps choose just 3 for now. Even the smallest start but with a clear intention is pretty powerful.


Every little really does count.


We will be offering more and more morning tips over the next few weeks so keep checking in! But for now have a go at these…


1. No phones. No laptops. Keep your bedroom as technology free as possible. If you have heard this before and still struggle, I’m with you. Personally I find this one really hard but I know it is key. I also find this goes in phases which really just highlights how addictive our blue light craving actually is. The more habitually we are online in bed the more we will be etc. etc.

Of course not having a phone in the room is best. However this does present the alarm clock issue for most so how about switching to airplane mode for starters so that when you do wake up and grab you aren’t greeted with the allures of emails and social media. Next step – get a real life alarm clock :)  Don’t give up with this one.


2. SLOWLY does it. Research suggests that the body’s natural wake up is a slow and steady process. Like the sun rising. So how can we emulate this in our busy city dwelling lives? Perhaps get a natural light clock and see if that makes a difference.

Otherwise giving yourself an extra 15 minutes in bed before you have to actually wake up can create a slower entry into the day. Snoozing gets a bad rep, often in favor of the get up and go go go but, giving your body a gentle opportunity to arrive is in fact really beneficial.


3. As you develop a new routine that is jam packed with wellness and positivity this will almost certainly involve a slightly earlier wake-up call than you are used to. In the pursuit of more energy and increased wellness I can understand how this might seem counter intuitive. Your sleepy mind when that alarm goes will certainly say so that’s for sure. With this in mind positive reinforcement can work a treat.

Ensure that you have something to look forward to as part of your morning routine. Be that, your morning coffee that you love or a delicious breakfast that you have planned. Having something that you are looking forward to in the morning can really help getting up and about.


4. Sit in stillness. If you have been interested in beginning a mediation practice the morning is a great time to try. Find a comfortable place to sit, up on some cushions, set a timer and settle in. The ‘just woken’ sleepiness will make it easier to drop into a state of mediation. See how you feel as you ‘wake up’ again and out the other side. Alternatively, if you know you are disciplined enough not to check your emails and social media accounts, using an app such as Calm can help you start your meditation practice.


5. Plan ahead! Perhaps the most obvious one of all but so easily forgotten. To make all the above happen an early night is key. Try and get your head down before the clock strikes 12 as the hours between 10 – 12pm are really important for a good nights sleep. You don’t want your morning routine sabotaging enough sleeping hours. Remember 8 is still great.


We would love to hear how you are getting on with these ideas or any others you might be experimenting with. Happy mornings all round! Comment below...