How do successful people start their day?

May 5, 2017| Rosie Markwick
How do successful people start their day?


 At Hasiko (as you might have guessed) we are big fans of morning routines and helping individuals create their own great one. Our motivation for this comes from far and wide. Not least from a few pretty inspirational humans right at the top of their game. And what is interesting about a lot of these super successful folk is that they have one thing in common; they all advocate for rising early and holding true to their own positive morning routine.


So if you are after a bit of inspiration check out these three morning people and how they start their day…

  1. Tony Robbins

This self-help guru has coached the likes of Bill Clinton and Serena Williams, sold millions of books and packs out seminars all over the world. And he is loud and proud about how important a morning routine is for him.

He says he doesn’t have a specific wake up time as this depends so much on where he is in the world but he always gives himself 15 minutes for his routine regardless of how much sleep he has had. Consistency really is key it would seem. The actual routine involves a cold plunge, followed by a few breathing exercises (check out Mondays blog for a whole low down on breathing well) and some time to ‘prime’. The latter being a practice of intention setting, prayer and gratitude lists.


  1. Wim Hof

Founder of the Hof Method, and nicknamed ‘iceman’, this Dutch daredevil’s morning routine is not for the faint hearted. However people all over the world are jumping on the band wagon and expressing amazement in how good they feel from adopting the Hof morning routine. Essentially involving a combination of freezing water showers, mediation and breathing practices followed by press-ups this is a routine that will certainly get you going for the day. Find out all about it here


  1. Arianna Huffington

This superwoman has a concise routine she has been following every day since a burnout in 2007 where she fainted from exhaustion. Since then she says her morning routine has become non-negotiable. Again consistency it appears is key. For Arianna it is more about what she isn’t doing than is. She keeps her phone out of the bedroom and opts for an old fashion alarm clock. She takes a minute to breathe deeply immediately as she wakes up, following by intention setting specific to that day. Following this its 30 mins of sweating in whatever form takes her fancy and only then might she pick up anything electronic. Huffington is also a bit of a sleep guru and promotes good sleep as an essential part of a positive morning routine. So if you are less keen on the cold water approach perhaps Adrianna’s ideas might be for you.


So we see, successful people start the day early and in all sorts of different but similarly wellness focused ways. And with their combined achievements, provide some pretty stand up inspiration for developing and sticking to your very own morning routine.