Connecting your mind and body - The Hasiko Approach!

February 10, 2017| Rosie Markwick
Connecting your mind and body - The Hasiko Approach!

The yogis know about it, the tai chi masters know about it, and the obscure sport of free diving knows about it, to name but a few.


The mind-body connection is more a state than it is anything else. It is the state of awareness and unity between the force of the body and the force of the mind. It is the realization that if my body does this, my mind responds with this, and likewise, if I think these thoughts, I feel those thoughts in my body.


Understanding this connection is paramount for greater awareness, better reactions and improved health both physically and mentally. 


If you are still feeling unsure about how the mind-body connection might manifest in your own life just think about these examples for a moment.


Have you ever noticed what you do physically when you are nervous? Do you start to shuffle your feet, maybe slouch the shoulders and start to fidget in a bid to try and distract or remove yourself from the situation at present. Most people only notice the negative way emotions and posture is linked but it is also positively linked. Studies have shown that just by embodying a position of confidence and openness individuals begin to behave in a way that is in line with these characteristics. If you smile just now, you actually start to feel like smiling and feel more positive.


(Check out this TED talk for more amazing insights into the power of posture


We even use phrases such as ‘heart break’ or ‘pain in the neck’ to describe particular emotions. When we experience an emotion it is not just held in our mind or our thoughts but it is also held in the tissues of the body. So that negative experience is quite literally a pain in the neck, because our muscles take on the state of our mind. 


That being said it is paramount that we acknowledge the intricacies of this connection and use it to our advantage instead of our detriment. We should look at health as a whole which includes mind, body and some would say spirit. Often we only look after our physical body which is the the easy one to keep stock of, but it is equally as important to feed your mind and spirit to ensure overall health.


The Hasiko Approach is all about this connection. It’s why our sessions cover all the bases; mind, body and soul.


Connecting your mind and body - The Hasiko Approach!


We know how important it is to keep our bodies strong and fit but this should never be at the expense of creating further stress.  We have all heard how great a physical yoga practice is but if this practice does not also include some form of mediation or relaxation then we aren’t really reaping all the benefits.


The Hasiko signature 20:20:20 workout will get your physical body moving, your mind relaxed and clearer and the connection between the two ignited.


Follow this up with a nutritious delicious breakfast and some time to connect with your fellow Hasiko tribe and we’ve got the spirit part sorted as well!


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Connecting your mind and body - The Hasiko Approach!