5 wellness trends to make 2017 your healthiest year yet!

March 25, 2017| Rosie Markwick

Jump on board with these wellness trends and make 2017 your healthiest year yet...


5 wellness trends to make 2017 your healthiest year yet!


1. Wild Fitness 


Swimming, hiking and other outdoor pursuits are becoming fast new favourites in the fitness world. As people look to engage in exercises that benefit the mind and body, there's see exercise trends moving out of the confides of the gym or the studio and into the great big wonderful outdoors.


Try wild swimming, paddle boarding, fell running and hiking. Being out in nature is just so good for us. A sure fire way to get fit and feel better!


2. Healthy Holidays 


Do you feel more tired after a vacation?  The wrong kind of vacations can leave us feeling more burned out than ever. Vacations that are jammed packed with activities, constant travelling, unhealthy eating, and little physical activity takes a toil on our body.


More and more people are recognising that and booking holidays that allow them to not only truly recuperate, but enhance their fitness and mental capacity. Wellness retreats are a great way to do that as they have a host of various programs designed to help you unwind, relax, and feel mentally, physically and emotionally rejuvenated.


E:scape for example, offers a one week holistic stress management retreat in Koh Samui that includes an executive coaching program with private and group sessions,  daily yoga and guided meditation, Pilates and TRX classes, a cycling tour of the island, and boat trip to nearby islands.  The Ultimate Escape is designed to ensure that you return home feeling physically and psychologically at your very best. Check the website for all more details (https://www.luxuryescape.co/the-koh-samui-escape)


5 wellness trends to make 2017 your healthiest year yet!


3. Creative Waste


Food waste is becoming a big conversation. In France it is now illegal for supermarkets to throw away food and there is a big push for the UK to do the same. People are increasingly becoming aware of the problems of food waste, and wellness bloggers are jumping on board too. As individuals look for alternative healthy ways to reduce their waste; home-cooking, farm to table style restaurants and season specific cooking are becoming more popular.  The great part is that these are healthier and more wholesome methods to cook too!


4. Saunas and Ice Baths


Warm up in nice hot sauna followed by  a refreshing dip in icy water.


The Scandinavians believe that deeper health benefits can be achieved by immediately immersing yourself in cold water after a sauna.


Raising the body temperature creates a sensation of deep relaxation and stimulates the immune system. The use of hot water works to cleanse the skin, improve physical conditioning and promote a sense of well-being. The second step includes closing the pores of the skin with a brief (20 to 30 second) but highly beneficial cold dip. Cold water helps to reduce inflammation and stimulates circulation which then boosts the immune system.


This means that you will actually lose less heat when you are out of the sauna, boost your circulation, stay warmer longer, and keep your vital organs happy and functioning at the same time.


5. Get Under the Gong!


A gong bath is a form of sound therapy where you are bathed in sound waves. The gong is played in a therapeutic way to bring about healing; this can be done as a one to one or group treatment.


Gong meditations, a type of sound therapy, have been around for thousands of years as a way of healing. It is said that this particular therapy aids in stress reduction, breaking up emotional blockages within each person that practices this technique.


Are there any wellness trends that are interesting to you right now? Let us know in the comments below.